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Internship Report MBA Marketing AIOU Page-2

I bow my head before almighty Allah with gratatitude. My indebt ness and salute too
many individuals who have helped shape this report cannot adequately be conveyed in
a few sentences. However, I must once again recall my indebt ness to lot of former
fellows and contemporary colleagues who took the time and trouble during the last
few days to speak to me about the ways this text could be further improved. It is most
appropriate to mention the ingenuity of respected teacher Sir, who provide me an
opportunity to enhance the management skills from a well established organization It
is my privilege and honors to my express my deep gratitude and in calculating thanks
to the DGM of  Multan especially to
Muhammad Imran Ahmed Sheikh and Muhammad Saleem (Branch Manager
Multan Office) who provided me an opportunity to work in the environment where
quality is every thing. I bow my sp e c i a l t h a n k s t o Mr. Razzak
Paracha (Executive Director World Call Telecommunication
Pvt Ltd Lahore) who is very kind to me during my internship

List of Contents
No Contents Page No
1 Acknowledgment 1
2 List of Contents 2
3 Preface 3
4 Vision 4
Mission Statement 5
6 Introduction 6
7 Objective of Studying The Organization 7
8 Over View & Brief History of Organization 8
9 Nature of Organization 9
10 Business Volume of Last Six Years 10
11 Seven Years Financial Performance 14
12 Operating Results of World Call Telecommunication 15
13 Profile of Employees 18
14 Product Line 19
15 Organizational Structure 21
16 Main Offices of Organization 25
17 Marketing Operations 27
18 Function of the Marketing Department 32
19 Product Planning Development and Management 35
20 Price Strategy 40
21 Distribution Strategy 41
22 Distribution Channel 44
23 Promotional Strategy 45
24 Critical Analysis of Theoretical Concepts relating Practical
25 Competitors 50
26 Future Prospects 51
27 Short Fall Weaknesses of the Marketing Department
SWOT Analysis
28 Conclusion and Recommendations 54
29 Reference and Sources Used 57
30 Annexes 58
31 Business Volume of Last Five Years 59
MBA degree is more practical one compared to other Master degree. Majority of
the studies includes practical work and experience to give students a closer look
of the business work and its requirements. That is the degree holder can adjust
themselves easily in al kinds of businesses and industrial environments. Final
project of planning is a part of that series. It is an integral part of degree at AIOU
ALLAMA IQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITY. It helps students to understand the
practical work and know about working of an organization. To meet this purpose
the AIOU REGIONAL CAMPUS MULTAN assigned us the above project at
World Call Telecommunication Pvt Ltd Multan. In this short period we have
learned a lot about an organization.
The first part is the introduction of the organization. The second part is the
methodology. The third is the limitations while the forth is about SWOT and
conclusion. We hope this report will provide a clear inside picture of World Call
Telecommunication Pvt Ltd to its readers and they will know much more the
We at World call are committed to achieving dynamic growth and service
excellence by being at the cutting edge of technological innovation. We strive to
consistently meet and surpass customers’ employees’ and stake-holders’
expectations by offering state-of-the-art telecom solutions with national &
international footprints. We feel pride in making efforts to position World call and
Pakistan in the forefront of International Arena.
In the telecom market of Pakistan, World call to have an over-whelming impact
on the basis of following benchmarks:
• Create new standards of product offering in basic and value added
telephony by being more cost effective, easily accessible and dependable.
Thus ensuring real value for money to all segments of market.
• Be a leader within indigenous operators in terms of market share, gross
revenues and ARPU within five years and maintain the same positioning
• Achieve utmost customer satisfaction by setting up high standards of
technical quality and service delivery.
• Ensuring the most profitable and sustainable patterns of ROI (Return on
Investment) for the stake-holders.
Well, Pakistan is country of opportunities. It has vast potential for the growth of
businesses and people. The growth in marketing sector is tremendous. My topic
deals with the Marketing Company named as World Call Tele Communication
Pvt Ltd. I have to study about Direct Marketing in World Call Tele
Communication Inshallah in remaining part of the report I will discuss about
• Introduction of World Call Tele communication Pvt Ltd.
• Promotional activities of Company.
World call Telecommunications Group began life in 1995 when First Capital
Securities Corporation Ltd started incubating World call Payphones, now
World call Communications Limited. The next few years were spent in
expanding payphone network across Pakistan, creating new businesses and
drawing investor attention to the value of World call businesses.
Today World call Group has the most extensive and diversified telecom and
media deployments by an operator in Pakistan. World call is part of a larger
conglomerate and along with first Capital Securities Corporation Ltd. Owns a
mix of telecom, print &media, technology, financial services, retail and
property development businesses with both national and international
In the curriculum of course various principles and theories provided us a detailed
overview of business administration especially marketing. But the actual learning
is to have a practical demonstration of the theoretical concepts by observing the
systematic business operations. The standpoint of studying the organization is to
have an idea of practical implementation of business principles and strategies
especially of marketing concern. Thus, the study I carried out with the following
• To understand the structure and system development of an organization.
• To know the functions of marketing department
• How World Call Telecommunication Pvt Ltd mange it’s Product Lines.
• How World Call Telecommunication Copes with Environmental Changes
• To know the competitiveness of organization.
• How World Call Telecommunication develop its marketing strategies.
• To know the management of marketing force and effective team work
• To know the success and failure of products.
• Improvement in the performance of an organization
Brief History of World Call
In 1996 First Capital Securities Corporation began to incubate a payphone
operation called World call Payphones Limited. The new venture stood at the
front end of a communication revolution that was yet to grip the country. Our
perception of a changing business environment placed World call at the lead of a
demand-led explosion of payphones all over the country. We installed our first
payphone in June 1996. Today World call has over 54,000 payphones all over the
country. We are one of the largest fixed line payphone operator and the pioneers
of “Supervised Payphones” business model in Pakistan. With the expansion in
telecom we have continued to innovate. Over the years we have invested in new
technologies and businesses. In 1998 prepaid calling cards were launched by
World call Phone cards under the brand name "Hello". In the following year the
group established dial-up internet services through World call Dot Com.
In 1999 World call Telecom Lanka established the Groups' first overseas presence
when payphone operations were established in Sri Lanka.
In 2000 World call Multimedia established a Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC)
scalable network in Lahore thus becoming the first Multi-service operator in the
country, providing cable television and Internet-over-cable. In cable TV in
Lahore, World call was the last entrant and by far the largest. In 2003 we
launched a state of the art HFC network operation in Karachi under World call
Broadband Limited. These are the largest and only national networks capable of
triple play (cable TV, high speed internet/data and telephony).

Abul Hassan Farooq Roll No M-577526 9
These companies are also offering metro fiber lease to a number of other telecom
/ cellular operators as well as corporate.
World call Telecom Limited acquired Wireless Local Loop (WLL)
licenses/spectrum in the post deregulation auction to provide WLL telephony in
all 14 telecom regions of Pakistan primarily in the 1900 MHz band. It has
partnered with Samsung for a CDMA 2000 1x solution (with EVDO option).
WTL started service from Lahore in June 2005 which is now available in 25
cities. WTL also acquired an LDI license and service commenced at the end of
2004. WTL enjoys significant edge over competition due to rights to dark fibers
in a national long haul network which is being built across Pakistan.
World Call Telecommunication Pvt. Ltd. is working as a services firm among a
number of multinational and national Consumer goods organizations. World Call
Telecommunication Pvt. Ltd. is committed to provide quality services to
customers, realizing the fact. The firm is equipped with all pre-requisites for
meeting the future challenges successfully. World Call Telecommunication Pvt
Ltd has a high number of professionally qualified persons in Sales, marketing,
Production, finance & administration and technical Department. The company is
offering a complete product range of Calling Card and Payphones.
Business Volume of Last Six Years
World Call Telecommunication
The year under review saw the company posting revenues of Rs. 2.5 billion. The
company has maintained its sales volume in the payphone segment despite the
fact that PTCL has reduced its nationwide and international call tariffs. The profit
after taxation increased to Rs. 242.4 million, up 13% from last years profit of Rs.
214.6 million. This indicates a healthily growth given the increasing competition
in the telecom sector. Efficient utilization of resources has enabled the company
to reduce its operational costs from 50% of gross profit to 44% of gross profit
during the current year. The EPS rose to Rs. 1.52 as compared to Rs. 1.44 for the
pervious year.
World call Phone cards Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary, merged with the
company in accordance with the sanction from Lahore High Court, effective 01
July 2003.
The installed Payphone base of the company increased from 29159 in June 2003
to 34927 in June 2004, an increase of 5768 payphones during year.
World Call Telecommunication Multan office marketing department
consists of a team of 26 people including field, office and supporting staff. The
technical staff is well versed in its field of specialization and quite efficient as
well. Most of Staff is professional degree holders with specialization in different
disciplines. The non-technical staff is very hardworking and active in performing
their tasks. The supporting staff is also very loyal and committed to their assigned
jobs. Hiring is done both through top management and also on recommendations
of middle management.
Total strength of employees in Marketing 280
Total number of employee in Technical Field 168
Total number of employee in Management 100
Total number of employee 548
• The largest fixed line payphone operator in Pakistan.
• Currently Managing over 54000 Payphones Nationwide.
• Introduced the highly successful "Supervised Payphone"
Concept in Pakistan.
• Technology:
• Smart Card based Wire line Payphones
• CDMA 2000 1* based wireless payphones
• Operating in both "Supervised" and "Standalone" segments.
• WLL payphones have only recently been introduced and are
cheaper and faster to deploy.
• Extensive distribution Network.
• Highly trained Sales and maintenance teams.
• Positioning to be market leader in the overall fixed and
wireless payphones market.
Calling Cards:
• First company to introduced prepaid calling card service in Pakistan.
• International dialing service introduced in March 1999.
• Domestic Long Distance Dialing service on the same card introduced in
year 2000.
• In Platform capacity of Over 25 Million minutes per month.
• NWD & International Calling at Competitive Rates.
• Calling card under launch in UK as an entry into the European Market.
Chief Operating Off
Finance &
Accounts Head
Deputy General
Branch Manager Accounts
Sales Team Technical
Summary of Organizational Structure
Chairman is the Head of the organization and in World call Telecommunication
the Chairman is Salman Taseer. He is very capable man and basically is Chartered
Accountant and he knows about the business in Telecommunication Sector.
Chairman done work on over all of the organization all Major decisions about
Financial, Management and other sectors. Chairman is finally Authority and final
decision making in any matter of the organization.
Executive Director
After the chairman in the organization second most important post is Executive
Director now in this time in world call telecommunication Executive Directory
who deals with payphones and calling cards is Razzak Paracha. In world call
telecommunication pvt ltd have many executive director they deal with different
business groups. Every Executive Director responsible to their own department
and he is all in all to take decision in that department.
COO Chief Operating Officer
After the Executive Director the COO is most important post in the organization
in some organization COE (Chief Operating Executive) first then become COO
(Chief Operating Officer) He have also a key post in the organization and he
fully responsible of the department and it’s depend on the type of department if
sales or marketing , financial , Management , HRM types he deal with full
confidence . if he is COO Marketing then all sales reports will be submit to the
COO and then they take final decision .
DGM Deputy General Manager
In world call Telecommunication Pvt Ltd every zone has one DGM Deputy
General Manager. DGM responsible of his area and he deal with other
department they concerned and major work of DGM is update the sales and all
region sales reports to submitted to DGM and then go for COO . DGM deal with
all matter concerned with sales, marketing, promotion, finance and other
department. In every organization DGM had vital role and he fulfill the sales
targets and achieved the company goal.
Finance & Accounts Head
Finance & Accounts Head are responsible for the every finical decision and new
finical projects and all other whole year expanses that occurred in different
departments they all details and check balance done by accounts department and
accounts department a major duty is that all company employees' salaries
accounts and payroll accounts maintain. In every company or organization
finance & Accounts head are major key role in the organization.
HRM Head
In every big organization has HRM department , that was important department
and there is major role about the organization like haring , selection , training,
implementation, motivation , firing these all task done by HRM Head . Human
resource management head major responsibility is good technical and hardwrok
team haring and selection then they become good training and fit right minds to
right palaces.
MIS Head Management Information System every good or big organization have
MIS system. MIS system spinal cord of he organization because in every
organization MIS system taking important role , major duties of MIS system all
types of reports like different department and any type of communication with
help of MIS system today 21centary every organization paperless environment
like computerized system in that system every thing based on computerized like
different reports of different departments like sales reports analysis for cast
reports daily weekly monthly annual reports or internal or external
communication with help of MIS system like Email system that all part of MIS
Technical Head
Technical Head name as every organization has must some technical works they
done by this department and technical head will be responsible to all types of
technically works like machinery replacement or future prospects technical
demands time to time change all technical works demands fulfill by the Head of
that department. Management operation is also part of technical department every
operation will help to this department.

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