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Education of Mentally Retarded Children-I (3605)


(Units: 1–5)
Q.1   The grouping of MRC is the most significant step for the appropriate training. Discuss the importance of individual education programme when the students are taught in groups.                           (20)

Q.2   Give an account on the traditional and modern approaches of learning.               (20)

Q.3   Give the steps of developing the educational goals for curriculum development.  (20)

Q.4   Discuss the scenario in which the adaptations in the existing curriculum become absolutely necessary.  How would a teacher take this decision?                                                                              (20)

Q.5   How may MRC be prepared to reading and writing skills. Give a detail account on the pre-requisites of these skills.   (20)

(Units: 6–9)
Total Marks: 100                                                                              Pass Marks: 40

Q. 1  Describe the domains included in the curriculum of moderately retarded children. (20)

Q. 2  Explain how would teacher asses the developed self-help skills of moderate MRC  using formal and informal approaches.         (20)

Q. 3  Give recommendations to manage the severely retarded individual at home who is unable to move from one place to another. Also explain how these recommendations would be materialized in our society.       (20)

Q. 4  Develop a pre-school programme for moderately mentally retarded child which would enable him to settle in school.  (20)

Q. 5  Write an account on the different teaching strategies for MRC.                         (20)

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